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Integral Systems specialise in electronic engineering and provide ultrasonic cleaning  and Hydrosonic services.


If you need the articles you are cleaning to be uniformly ultra clean and to eradicate rejects in production, there is no other method as capable or efficient and convenient as ultrasound. Blind holes, orifices, narrow openings and the such like are left just as clean as all other surfaces. Ultrasound passes through most materials with ease and penetrates to the very core of an article being cleaned. For instance, a mechanical watch or meter movement can be cleaned and oiled without disassembly by using ultrasound.

There are two processes constantly working in the liquid of the tank in which the ultrasound is applied. The ultrasound creates rarefactions and compressions within the body of the liquid. This causes a phenomena known as catastrophic cavitation. In other words it is the continuous production of thousands of minute implosions within the body of the liquid that do the mechanical work on the article being cleaned. Simultaneously the effects of the cavitation cause a disruption of the boundary layer that exists between any liquid and solid interface. This disruption places whatever chemicals are being used into more intimate contact with the contamination or soil being removed.


The effect of hydrosonics is the same as that for ultrasonics, but the ultrasound is produced by a different method. Ultrasonics uses electro-mechanical transformers called transducers to produce the ultrasound whereas hydrosonics makes use of liquid whistles to produce the ultrasound.

Hydrosonics is most cost effective in very large tanks and can be more efficient when high speed cleaning is required eg. in the production of link chains or wire. The high speed processes in the automotive industry also benefit from this method.


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