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The Advantages of Ultrasonic Cleaning

Certain objects such as jewellery, dental and surgical instruments, golf clubs and electronic equipment require intensive cleaning.  Ordinary hand-cleaning often results in a job half done as most parts of these objects cannot be reached without disassembly.  Integral Systems specialises in electronic engineering and we provide ultrasonic cleaning and hydrosonic services.  Ultrasonic cleaning reaches further than manual cleaning and usually lasts between three to six minutes or over 20 minutes depending on the size of the object. Integral Systems offers quality ultrasonic cleaning for all your electronic equipment, you can trust us for a uniform ultra clean without disassembling your equipment.


Ultrasonic cleaning has become safer and more efficient due to technological advances every year.  Many industries (automotive to dentistry) use ultrasonic cleaners to eradicate unwanted residue and impurities from equipment.  There are a few advantages provided by ultrasonic cleaning, for example:

  • Environment impact

Ultrasonic cleaners don’t require the use of harmful chemicals to clean effectively; they use environmentally friendly, water-soluble solvents.

  • User safety

No exposure to harmful chemical fumes or sharp objects that contain biochemical contaminants that could puncture the skin.

  • Gentle cleaning

Some jewellery is delicately designed and requires thorough cleaning.  Ultrasonic cleaners allow the water and solvent mixture to reach into tight openings and corners while keeping every part intact.

  • Efficiency

Ultrasonic cleaners require less water, electricity and time.  They are quick and clean more efficiently than hand-cleaning.

  • Range of applications

Ultrasonic cleaners range in size and can be used by home users to clean their collectable coins and jewellery.  Automotive shops us them to clean tools and parts.


Ultrasonic cleaning is the best method of cleaning intricate parts of your equipment.  Its cleaning diversity in various applications makes it a perfect solution for ultra cleaning.  For more information on the ultrasonic cleaning Integral Systems provides, call us today.


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