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Products – UMC Range & Digital UPS Range

Our Products 

Integral Systems has been manufacturing power electronic ,power supply equipment automation equipment since 1981 and has extensive experience in the engineering, manufacturing and mining industries.

These include drive systems for slitters, tube mills, wire drawing, wire stranding, briquetting, extruders, casting, conveyors, vibratory feeders, stone cutting, tension wind up of wire, plastic paper and drying of mining minerals..

The company uses the latest electronic equipment technology in the design of its products.

General specifications: 2 litres – 20 litres

Our Products

high grade stainless steel insert
power supply cable. 1.1 metre long cable and plug
all units except for the UMC 2 have timers
models UMC 5, UMC 10, UMC 20 and upwards all have temperature controlled heaters

Optional extras:

Our Products

high grade stainless steel baskets
high grade stainless steel lids
special holders to suit customer needs
High power range:
UMC 27, 33, 45, 64, 71, 78, 91, 120

For details contact Sales Office

The scope of combinations are many and a few of the possibilities are listed below:

Our Products

  • Multiple tank ultrasonics systems
  • Multiple tank ultrasonic and processing systems
  • The above plus drying systems
  • Vapour degreasing systems
  • Refrigerated systems


AC Power Controller


dc motor controller

UMC 20

ac generator

To find out more information on ultrasonic cleaning or even ac power controller, dc motor controller and ac generator, contact us.

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