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Offering the latest innovations in electricity usage

There is no industry or enterprise that exists today that does not depend entirely on a constant and steady supply of electrical energy. The backbone of any industry and in fact any society is its electrical supply infrastructure, along with key components such as AC power controllers, AC and DC drives and a plethora of related electronic equipment.

Integral Systems is one of the most successful and experienced manufacturers and suppliers of a wide variety of electronic equipment and has over forty years of experience within the industry. Integral Systems began operating in 1981 and has grown to become the premier supplier of a range of highly innovative electronic components for the engineering and supply industries including drive systems for slitters, extruders, conveyors, vibratory feeders, wire drawing, wire stranding, briquetting, tension wind up for a variety of industries within wire, paper and plastics and much more.

There are also a number of industries that depend on a variety of electronic components for heating and temperature monitoring and regulation. Blast furnaces, heating and smelting furnaces and many other types all rely on strong and dependable current supply and to this end Integral Systems has designed and currently manufactures a variety of AC power controller units that are used in countless applications where reliable control of current is needed for furnaces, heaters and transformers.

Integral Systems strives to be the leading innovator of electronic products in South and southern Africa and manufactures leading products for all industries that use AC power controller units. The other power electronic products include AC and DC drives, soft starters, furnace controllers, electroplating rectifiers, DC brake injection controllers and a wide range of related electronic power and control products.

Integral Systems is a one hundred percent proudly South African company with a state of the art production facility that is situated in the heart of Randburg in the province of Gauteng. It is in this production facility that many of the power electronic products are manufactured. Call today or visit the Integral Systems websites for a full list of electronic products on offer.



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