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More convenience in the electrical industry as technology advances

It’s the 21st century and everything is improving to be more customers centric, think about it the world is becoming one global environment where people can communicate and have the same consumption preferences.

When it comes to customer needs, as the years go by consumers are getting more and more demanding for customised products that function according to individual preferences. Let’s look at the telephone for example, in the past all we had was a telephone that was installed in homes or offices, we went on to having a cell phone as big as a brick that functioned as a communication device we could travel with. The cell phone then became smaller and smaller satisfying the need to always have a portable device to communicate with. Today our cell phones are called smart phones and have modern applications we need such as the internet, alarm clocks and basically all we need in this fast past world we live in.

These days the only way that companies become well known brands is by listening to the customer and delivering what they want. Even with product improvements or extensions on product lines a lot of thought and research is put into satisfying the customer.

The same applies in the electrical industry; Integral Systems have been in the electrical industry for over 30 years and has ensured that the service we provide is improving with the times. We pride in always researching on how customers can improve the way they use this important resource, the company supplies to date a range of electrical equipment that supply a series of DC motor controllers. The Condor DCD2 series of drives are thyristor controlled converters which use analogue electronics for accurate speed and torque control of DC Motors. The converter can be used in any variable speed application to give smooth acceleration and good speed control over a wide speed range.

Go through our website or call us to find out how our products can improve the way you use electricity, we pride in going the extra mile to bring you efficient electricity applications. 

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