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Electrical Engineering Innovation Advances Electronic Equipment


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Electricity is an essential part of our daily activities.  It is everywhere, in our homes, places of business and even in the cars we drive.  The frustration experienced when there is a power outage, highlights our dependency on electricity.  Integral Systems manufactures power electronic equipment and has been in the industry for over 30+ years.  We have extensive experience in the engineering and power supply industries.  We believe that innovation in the engineering of electronic equipment can change the world for the better.


Our homes are filled with electric motors which are placed within most of the appliances we own.  All electric equipment with moving parts use an electric motor to accomplish these movements.  Most of the appliances we use require speed drives (variable-frequency drives) to work in conjunction with the AC/DC motor to control the speed used during its function.  Because appliances are motor steered, one has to wonder how speed drives are helping reduce the amount of energy used by these appliances.  Variable-frequency drives (VFD) are an energy improvement technology that has energy saving benefits.  Integral Systems is one of the few manufacturers in the country to produce our own variable speed drives.


South Africa’s electricity crisis depends on the distribution of all information regarding any energy saving products and efforts available.  As a company operating in South Africa, we want our products to contribute to these efforts by producing innovative technology that is cost effective and of the best quality. 


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