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DC Motor Controllers

Integral Systems are leading manufacturers of power electronic equipment that supply DC Motor controller.

Condor DCD2 Series Thyristor Converters


DC Motor ControllerThe DCD2 series of drives are thyristor controlled converters which use analogue electronics for accurate speed and torque control of DC Motors.

The converter can be used in any variable speed application to give smooth acceleration and good speed control over a wide speed range.

The torque produced by the DC Motor can also be controlled with the DCD2. This is most useful in applications requiring tension control. Supply to the units is either 1 phase 220 V or
2 phase 380 V.

DCD6 Series Thyristor Motor Controllers


These 2 quadrant DC Motor controllers have been designed for local conditions and emphasis has been placed on technical features and ease of servicing. For instance, all active components are on one card.

The DCD6 series is suitable for a wide range of applications e.g. control of extruders, pumps, wire drawing machines, tube mills. The controllers are supplied in many forms from IP00 to IP54.

For 4 quadrant controllers refer to DCD12 series.

Supply: 380 V or 550 VAC.


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