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Aqueous Degreasing

Aqueous de-greasing at UMC was developed in 1994 in a joint venture with a large South African company. We can show, using spectrographic evidence that aqueous degreasing using our plant and chemicals is as efficient as degreasing with solvents. The real cost of aqueous degreasing chemical additives will most likely decrease as volumes rise. All solvents used in vapour degreases are set to become more expensive over time. Degreasing solvents are imported and their cost is steadily rising as the volumes used fall due to solvents being replaced by aqueous systems.

Running costs of an aqueous degreasing plant can be less than 10% of that of a solvent vapour degreasing system. U5000 (the chemical additive) is compatible with all metals including light metals and alloys of aluminium and magnesium. The aqueous solution is not volatile. It does not diffuse to the atmosphere as solvents do. It is non-toxic and also biodegradable, thus a healthy working environment. As our aqueous degreasing additives are biodegradable, they do not find their way into our water supplies and water tables as has been proved to be the case with solvents.

The plant and chemical additives are designed to keep the aqueous solution in the degreasing tank clean at all times; the oil sludge is not allowed to recombine with the solution and oil or sludge is not at all soluble in the solution.

Our machines are designed to be easy to use and maintain.

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